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Well, here I am, blogging…

As I sit here wondering what it is that I have to say that can be so helpful to warrant a blog about it, my mind it taken off track to reflect on the unfolding of my day.

Fairly early into the day my husband and I discovered that one of our tenants, a lovely lady that we both liked a lot, had passed away in her sleep a couple of nights ago.  Her last day was a great one, spent with a neighbour. She was apparently upbeat and cheerful (although that was not, by any means, out of character for her) and simply died during the night. It made me think about the general assumption that most of us hold. We will wake up in the morning and face our “to-do” list. We will have yet another chance to get it right this time. To do at least one more thing that we’ve promised, to apologize for that harsh word, to create action, make a difference.

Well, today Phyllis doesn’t have that day. I like to believe that she left with very few regrets because that’s the way I saw her. A straight-forward, honest woman that was also loving and accepting. No judgement and no criticism.

This has also spurred me on to finish this damned website, finally start this blog (it’s been a source of intimidation and fear for months!) and get on with my blasted life. My lesson learned today is that time is precious but more than that, by taking care of my business I can create the income I need to respond in a compassionate, considerate way when people need me. Here’s a short summary of what I mean (you’ll learn that I love bullet point lists).  By the way, some of the excuses I’ve been telling myself to not get started were: I need to learn more, I’m not sure I’m ready, there seem to be so many other businesses like mine already, do we need one more?, will I be good enough? The only excuses have been my fear of rejection speaking to me.  Then I realized that I have years of experience, compassion for my clients, the desire to see others succeed, the list goes on. Then I considered what sort of difference I could make with the foundations of a strong business under me:

  • meet my financial commitments and pay all my bills
  • give to charitable organizations that I support
  • take time away from work to help others when they need it most
  • make decisions based on what’s right rather than the cost
  • fully focus on the issue at hand without freaking out where the next job or client will come from

Those are just a few things that have come to mind today – I hope you look at the reasons you’re using to not move forward in your business and make a second list for yourself to see what you could gain by stepping out and getting started before everything is perfect. Feel free to steal any of the items I’ve listed here.


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