“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
James Herriot, James Herriot’s Cat Stories

A totally unrelated fact about myself is that I’m a bit ga-ga about cats. Well, most animals actually. As a child I would suffer anguish over the plight of the horses in most westerns that had a ‘war’ scene in it. I’m not sure if that makes me a bit not-quite-right in the head or not. Whatever it makes me, our family cat, Buddy (shown here in his nap-time bliss) seems to think I’m okay.

Hello, I’m Vicky Knee. My life’s journey, finally bringing me to this point of serving as a business coach has been filled with a lot of twists, turns, setbacks, and success.

Married to a wonderful man, I’m on the better side of 40 (no real numbers please, after all, they’re man-made!), with our two resident clowns, Taz & Clawdette. Pictured here is Buddy, who stole our hearts and ran off into the night July 10, 2017. A rescued feral, we loved him to bits and he reminded us that cats are as loving and affectionate as any dog. He deserves a whole page to himself, maybe someday …

I have worked at a number of different businesses and have always admired the entrepreneurial spirit.

Living in Alberta, Canada for most of my adult life I learned a great deal about resourcefulness and entrepreneurship. Calgary has always had an independent spirit and can-do attitude. Although I’m a raving democratic socialist in my politics, I’m a die-hard conservative when it comes to growing a business to sustain you and your family. Is that a contradiction? It seems so to me, but somehow, it is a fact that I can’t dispute.

I have worked at a number of different businesses and have always admired the entrepreneurial spirit. My varied background has also given me a unique toolkit to use when working with business owners. I can relate to you and your problems, and my weird, “out of the box” mind-set is just crazy enough to see things from a very useful perspective. Sometimes, you get great feedback from people totally outside of your industry. So, … that’s my job!


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