Imagine not always second-guessing your decisions. Imagine having a crystal-clear vision of what your life’s purpose is, or of your business’ purpose is. Of whom you serve, and how you serve them. Of the “why” to your dreams and goals. Of the “why” to your past struggles. Oh my gosh, when the light-bulb comes on and my clients “get it”, it’s a beautiful thing.

I help people move from:

Unfocused and  scattered … to focused and deliberate

uncertain and worried … to clear and confident

afraid to charge what they’re worth … to being comfortable and clear about the value they deliver and finally getting paid what they should!

afraid to ask for what they truly want … to know what they want, and finding their solution to achieving it.


Vicky was a tremendous help to me in setting up my payroll program and in advising me when I started my proofreading business. She is very encouraging and knowledgeable. She gave me the right advice to help me further my business.

Carole Hefferton

Business Owner, Carole Hefferton Proof Reading

Vicky has mentored me and guided the company with integrity and balance.  She is a hard working creative and trustworthy. Vicky is one of the best people I know.

Carley Underwood

Business Owner, Visual Concepts & Design

I was basically paying my clients to work until I started working with Vicky. Now I’m on the right track financially, moving ahead with new ideas and concepts and have a business partner I’m proud to be associated with.

Nancy Becher

Business Owner, Business Success Unlimited

My goal is always to help my clients discover their own solutions, and support them in their journey.