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7 Ways a Business Coach can Help You Get More Business and be More Profitable!

Today I’ve been ruminating about why the heck people should spend hard-earned money on a service like coaching. At first glance, it seems a bit silly.  Really, we’re supposed to be adults. We’re supposed to have some will-power (or in my case with food, won’t-power), and we’re supposed to darned well know what we should and should not do!

The sad truth, however, is that almost no one I’ve met can be the best boss of themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not suggesting that a coach is, or should ever be, the boss of anyone else. So, what’s the answer? Now we’re getting into the tricky stuff. The stuff that to some, seems a bit like navel-gazing. However, please tell the medal winners at the last Olympics that having that coach was only naval gazing and not an instrumental reason that they are now in possession of said medal.

So, here’s a short list of “whys”:

  • Encouragement. The daily grind can be tough! Sometimes we’re so close to achieving our goals only to fall short because of discouragement. Coaches will encourage and yes, even push you a bit to finish. To stretch and reach. To believe in yourself and to know you’re worthy of the success.
  • Sounding-board. Have you ever had a “great” idea that you found out needed a few revisions after talking it out? Have you ever shared a dumb idea with friends and family to get a chorus of approval and encouragement and then found yourself holding the bag to a bad business idea that’s bleeding money that you don’t have? These folks are probably not business owners, and their job is to be loving, supportive friends and family. That’s what they’re doing with this encouragement. But if they have no moola plugged into the venture, they don’t face the horrid consequences of a financial failure. Now, I’m not suggesting that a coach will prevent you from doing this every time but, a qualified business coach can often recognize some lurking traps and pitfalls that you may encounter. By asking the right questions, we make sure you’ve considered all angles before investing your hard-earned moola into the project.
  • Mentoring. Every path is easier when you walk with someone that’s been down that road before. The mentor may be in the same industry as you or may not. The important part here is that they have been down the road of creating and growing a business. Sometimes, they’ve also been on the road of failing a business or two. That teaches a lot.
  • Growth. Can you grown on your own? Oh my gosh, of course!! Here, I speak of deliberate, planned growth that you may not have had the confidence to strive for without a coach. You would set your sales growth to 10%, a coach that knows the strategies you’re implementing may encourage and help you set and achieve a 50% growth!
  • Learning and Knowledge. The business world is filled with all sorts of smart people. And the internet is filled with all sorts of information for smart (and not so smart) people. Coaches can connect you to the best information to help you at that time! Isn’t that wonderful? If you’ve ever gone through a series of training that has delivered less than ideal results because it wasn’t the right training for you. At this time. After working with you for a bit, a good coach should be more that willing to help you navigate through the cyber-jungle.
  • Accountability. You will die fulfilling a commitment made to others but to yourself? Not so much. When you share your commitment to a goal or result with a coach we remember that. We even take notes! So, you will be asked how you did during the week. If you’re like most, you don’t like to admit that you didn’t do something you said you would.
  • Support. Coaches will even work with you to reset your goals. We know that there are times a goal has been made that isn’t really one we want. Working through that to arrive to what you really do want can be tough, but very, very satisfying.

I would love to see your comments on this, did I miss one? Do you have a personal story to share?


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