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Have you ever left a conversation with a friend or colleague and had been amazed at the clarity and certainty you had when answering a question? A question that you’ve been asked countless times before, and one you’ve often stumbled, mumbled, slurred over hoping that others didn’t notice the uncertainty in your own words?

This happened to me today during a telephone chat with the amazing Chris Spurvey (if you want some solid training on getting good with sales, he’s your guy. You’ll find him here).

Anyhoo, Chris and I were mostly just chatting and I was picking his brain on the wording I could use in my next post looking for beta testers for my new coaching program. I was floundering because, well, it’s not really all that new! To me, anyway. But I also knew it wasn’t the same coaching approach that I’ve been taking in the past. So, it’s new, right???

And then … the “always tell the truth and be transparent” angel sat on one shoulder I could clearly hear “Vicky, there’s nothing new under the sun, you’re lying if you say this is brand new!” …

Of course, the little devil made himself at home on the other shoulder and snuggled up. “But Vicky, this IS new, it will give amazing results to a totally new group of people!” Well, I wrestled with both the little beggars and think I tamed my cognitive dissonance (my pet name for these two…).

Here’s the dictionary definition of this term …

cognitive dissonance
noun, Psychology.

anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like, as when one likes a person but disapproves strongly of one of his or her habits.

The most common way I’ve seen this manifesting with entrepreneurs and business owners is in the battle you may have to reconcile your personal values, empathy, kindness, and generosity with what you think you need to be like, and do, to be successful in business today. So, now you have to put your business owner hat on and be strict, hard-nosed, unrelenting, untrusting, and at least a little bit stingy. Otherwise, you’ll go broke, right?

This is the core beginning of others distrusting us (they can intuitively sense we’re not being ourselves), and the seed that sprouts “the imposter syndrome”. Mucho entangled, roots run deep and although it’s not a quick fix it’s not nearly as difficult if you have an ally. So, this is why I’m excited about this … this is my NEW program!

Tell me more you say … okay, read on!

I’m developing a program to let you, the empathetic, generous, trusting and loving person carry those traits and values into your business. Whether it’s a brick and mortar or virtual environment. And still make money!

I won’t go too deep into this in this post, but will definitely continue to unravel this over the next bit of time. I think it’s that important!

If you want to jump on a call and get more info, lets! I’m happy to chat about this and to learn what your hot buttons are. Do you have warring voices whispering in your ears? What are they saying?

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