Who I Serve

Although it would be easy to say that “I can help everyone”, that’s simply not the case. I don’t work with high-level corporate executives looking to get their next promotion or raise. I also don’t work with the highly pitched “make a million dollars in a month” hype believers that want instant results with little or no work.

I love, love, love working with business owners who care about their business, their clients, their family and their life! Although I don’t believe we can always have “balance” in our life. Hey, sometimes you need to work 12-hour stretches for a few days. But, then I encourage a time out. People who work with me will find that I don’t take excuses well. I expect 100% commitment to our time together. Because that’s what you’ll get from me. And it’s a 2-way street, right?

What do people who come to me ask for help with? Most can be boiled down to focusing, getting back to the reasons they started their business, growing their confidence. It’s a tough world out there today, and many excellent business owners are shamed for having compassion and too much caring. They get beat up and are hurt. Heck, sometimes you just need to develop a routine and system to get yourself, your day, or your desk organized! People need help with large issues, and with small ones too. Sometimes those issues are connected, so when we fix one thing the peeling wallpaper behind that is now showing.