There are a million different ways to provide coaching support to people. Basically, one way for each relationship. We’re all different, you need something similar but still different than the person next to you. Is it surprising there’s a lot of confusion around what business coaching is all about, what it can offer, and how it helps?

I don’t offer a million different ways, but I do offer a custom developed curriculum structured around your specific needs. Please know that I don’t work with “anyone and everyone”. If I don’t believe that I’m the right coach for you, or not confident that I can help you attain the results you’re looking for, I’ll let you know.

So, what can you expect?

The process you go through working with me is simple.

Our very first step is our discovery call. This is a 1/2 hour skype or telephone visit. I will discover what you want to work on, and you will have a chance to ask me all the questions you need to for a clear understanding of what our agreement will require from you. This is not a coaching session. After all, a quick meeting when we first speak is hardly enough to do anything at all, and your issues are far too important to brush off that lightly.

Our goal for the discovery session is to help you decide if we will be continuing on or not. So, we will either draft up the contract and set your schedule, I’ll send you your kick-off homework, or we’ll part ways as new friends but without a working agreement.

Saying “yes!” to coaching with me? This is super simple, although I’m sure it will be very challenging many times! Here’s my step-by-step process (this one is for when I work with overwhelmed and unfocused business owners, I call them the “plate-spinners”).

  1. Time Travel! We’re going to go back to the beginning. When your vision and dream were so motivating they put a smile on your face and gave you the energy to “get ‘er done!”. Then we’ll travel to the future and map out your fresh goals and create your plan to achieve them.
  1. Leave the Circus Behind! Right now you’re struggling with too many projects, small jobs, clients that aren’t a great match (you wonder how you got them!) and your day is filled with so much activity that isn’t producing the results you want. We will spend time looking at your day, your projects, or anything we identify as creating a bottleneck to you making progress. After we go through this process you will know when to say no to a project and when to say yes. Each step you take will be bringing you closer to your goals, your day will have structure, and you won’t have your day falling down around
  1. Get a Bulls­Eye! It’s difficult to hit a target that you can’t see. When we get through this stage in the process, you’ll have your goals in clear view, and will be well­ equipped to hit your mark.
  1. Celebrate your victory! You’ve achieved your goals so celebrate! You can enjoy your day knowing your time is focused on the right priorities … YOURS!

Remember, this can get messy, but on the other side of the struggle is where the good stuff is.
Most importantly, you won’t get judged, you won’t get shamed, but you will get a ton of honest feedback, loving support and, I assure you, progress!