Let this Black Friday be the beginning of a rosy tomorrow!

Not all of life’s challenges need to take months or years to overcome. Some can be kicked to the curb with a highly focused blitz session!

Blitz … the word makes me think of an aggressive attack on the enemy (think WWII movies…)

The enemy is that perpetual obstacle standing between you and your goal. That limiting belief that somehow found its way into your thinking.

Imagine the freedom experienced when you break through and replace the “can’t’s” with the “done’s!” It likely won’t be easy, or comfortable to face, but you CAN do it. And I can help.

Enough chatter … What’s this sale about?!

Let’s get to the good part! What do you get? BUY ONE, GET ONE!¬† FOR ONLY $99 (CAD)!!!

TWO – Laser-focused coaching sessions. Each session 1 – 1 1/2 hours (or as required) You can use both for yourself OR gift one to a friend or family member OR purchase with a friend.

If you’ve been wondering if coaching can help you, this is a low-cost, low time-commitment way of finding out.

What is life coaching?

Good question! My favourite definition of life coaching is “purposeful discussions between two people that inspire a person (you) to take steps towards doing what they want to do, and being who they are ready to be”

What are the purchase requirements around this sale?

It’s really simple. You need to purchase (pay) for the coaching by the end of the sale date. I will send you an email with my calendar link and you can book your session at any available time that’s convenient for you. I just ask that you record this in your calendar so you don’t forget about it. If, for any reason, you need to change the day/time – please let me know as soon as you know. I can then release that spot for someone else. If you are using both sessions, please block off two time-slots. 

What if I don't see a time slot convenient for me?

Email me directly with your phone number (if in Canada or US) or your email (if anywhere else in the world) and I’ll give you a call so we can set up a good time for you.

What if I am purchasing one (or even two) of these spots for someone else?

No problem! Just send me their name and contact information. If the payment came from you, I want to make sure they have your permission to use that spot!

Can my friend and I pay separately?

No, because this is so massively discounted already the payment processing fees will simply take too much moolah. Please decide between you who will use their PayPal account to submit payment and then square it up between you.


Do I get anything other than the coaching session?

Oh my gosh, yes! Once you’ve booked a time I will send you a questionnaire to complete. My clients have found that going through these questions is often helpful on its own as they realize many things they may not be aware of. You will get notes from the session emailed to you. You may (or may not) also get a downloadable pdf to help. This will depend on what we worked on.

Anything else?

The option to join my Facebook group “Get A Life”, and also the option to subscribe to my email newsletter. My newsletter is not as active as it should be, but I think we are all communicating enough, don’t you? If I have something really juicy to share, I’ll fire up my MailChimp account and send out a message.

Can I get a refund?

If we held the session, then no. If you have to cancel, let me know what the circumstances are and I’ll try my best. Note – I changed my mind doesn’t qualify for a refund …